Bishop Jeremiah Torres (www.icpinternacional.com) and his wife, Rev. Miriam L. Torres, have both dedicated their lives to the service of the Lord, His church, and the lost. Together they have fervently preached the unaltered Gospel of Jesus Christ at the House of Restoration Church since 1994 with a message of hope, freedom, and the restoration that only springs from Christ’s redemptive work on the cross.

Bishop Jeremiah obtained his formal theological training from the Pentecostal Mizpah College in Puerto Rico and was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the Latin University of Theology of California. Bishop Jeremiah is the author of the book, “The blessing of the fourth generation“.

Reverend Miriam L. Torres is the Senior Pastor of the House of Restoration Church, a vibrant multicultural and multigenerational church in the heart of Connecticut’s capital city. She is distinguished by her practical approach, relevant application, and profound understanding of scriptural truth, and intently seeks to inspire those who desire to be transformed by the Word to live by it. Her mission is to spearhead the church’s paradigm shift in becoming a relevant church whose sole desire is to reach the lost for Christ, revitalize and transform the community through service, and prepare the next generation of world changers.

Rev. Torres is a graduate of the Reformed Bible Institute and holds a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies with a minor in Psychology from the University of Connecticut.

Bishop Jeremiah and Reverend Miriam have been blessed with a growing family; their son Jeremiah, Jr. and his wife Charlene, and their daughters, Priscila Elisa and Vanessa Marie are all lovers of Christ and servants in His house.